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one of my favorite things about myself, i never give up. No matter how bad im down i always pick it up and keep going. I know times are tough but it CAN ALWAYS be worse. 


is a bitch, but you just have to roll with it. one day im going to come across a point in my life where everything is great and it stays that way. i hate going through these ups and downs, every time i get something worth while it never last long. as hard as i try and fight things always go awry. there is so much shit going on in my life i try not to stress myself out. i try to remain optimistic and just keep going but its hard when the few people i rely on in life are hundreds of miles away and the people close to me i cant rely on. i have so many different feelings sweltering around inside of me most of which are anger and pain. i try so hard to keep them bottled up but the more i do it the worse it becomes. its a battle with inside me to just not snap and take my anger out on someone. i never felt so alone in my life, there is not best friend material in this city. everyone is so quick to make like things are honkey dorey but no one is ever there when it really matters the most.  


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